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Steve Gosling – ‘Travelling Light’

Steve Gosling – ‘Travelling Light’

As someone who travels extensively to photograph places and landscapes across the world I am a great fan of the Olympus OMD system. Travelling with camera gear (specifically via plane) is a stressful process in the 21st century – baggage weight and size restrictions carry with them the consequent risk that any infringement of the regulations might result in valuable gear being placed in the hold. I’m obsessive about ensuring that I remain within the imposed limits. This is where my OMDs come into their own – I can pack two or three bodies plus a range of prime lenses from 12mm to 75mm (or the lovely 12-40mm if I really do want to keep things to a minimum) and all the other paraphernalia us photographers carry (filters, batteries, chargers, laptop, back up hard drives etc etc) into a bag that meets even the most stringent carry on requirements.

And I don’t feel that I’m compromising on image quality to do so – I’ve had 30″ x 20″ prints made from my OMD files that I’m very happy with. To get the best from the system I would always advocate using a solid tripod (I use a range of Gitzo tripods with either a Manfrotto 410 or Arca Swiss D4 geared head) and a cable release to fire the shutter.

Even when I’m UK based I value the small size and lightweight of the OMD system – trekking miles with a large, bulky bag on my back has never been much fun. The smaller Olympus system is a bonus in this respect but it also enables me to carry a smaller filter system (I use the Lee Seven5 system) and a lighter tripod (my favourite being the Gitzo Mountaineer GT2542). My long suffering back is grateful I made the swap to the Olympus OMD!

In 2015 I am planning to run an extensive programme of Olympus workshops in the UK and overseas where participants get the chance to try out a range of cameras and lenses as well as getting advice & help from yours truly. I’m also pleased to announce that Olympus UK are sponsoring my exhibition to be held in Keswick, Cumbria at the end of 2015. There will also be a talk (based on the theme of ‘Travelling Light’) and a workshop linked to the exhibition.


Please email me for more information:

E-mail: steve@stevegoslingphotography.co.uk

Mobile: +44(0)776 996 7933

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Leica Camera – Photokina 2014

Leica Camera – Photokina 2014

Leica Camera AG presents show activities for photokina 2014

At this year’s photokina in Cologne (16 to 21 September 2014), Leica Camera AG will be making an appearance in Hall 1 with a widely varied programme of events. In addition to the unique exhibition concept in the Leica Galerie, the programme features further cultural highlights. For example, the world premiere of the new book The Haight: Love, Rock and Revolution from legendary photographer Jim Marshall (1936-2010). Talks and signing sessions with prominent photographers are also planned.

The Leica Galerie in Hall 1 will be officially opened on 16 September at 9.30 a.m., with representatives of the media in attendance. The focus of this year’s exhibition concept is on impressive photography from the world of music. It embraces all facets of music photography, from concert images and extremely personal artist portraits to reportage photography with exciting glimpses behind the scenes at concerts. In addition, the exhibition will also showcase the work of musicians who have embraced photography as a second passion. This year’s exhibition programme is rounded off by award-winning portfolios from Leica cultural projects.

Also planned for 3 p.m. on the first day of the show is an opportunity to meet the artist. Here, Michael Koetzle chats with Thomas Hoepker, this year’s winner of the Leica Hall of Fame Award. Their conversation will be followed by a signing session. Hoepker, active as a photographer around the globe, is represented in the Leica Galerie with a retrospective of his work entitled ‘Wanderlust’, a tribute to his exceptional oeuvre from the past 60 years. The book of the same name will appear in the catalogue of the publishers teNeues Verlag.

On Wednesday 17 September at 11 a.m., Lois Hechenblaikner will be presenting his talk on ‘Paradises and Apocalypses’. In his work, the Austrian photographer is interested in Alpine tourism and regional popular music. His images often polarise opinions and reveal the darker sides of mass tourism, winter sports and party culture and their effects on the traditions of the mountains and the local people.

A highlight of the afternoon programme takes place at 3 p.m. – the exclusive world premiere of The Haight: Love, Rock and Revolution. Amelia Davis presents a new book about the Grammy Trustee award-winning music photographer Jim Marshall (1936–2010) to representatives of the media. Marshall is represented with three exhibitions in the Leica Galerie, including a collection of photographs captured in the legendary Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood in San Francisco from 1965- 1968, during the rise of today’s modern counterculture movement. Jim Marshall left a legacy of powerful portraits of the big stars of the music scene of his times, like Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Donovan and the Beatles, as well as icons of the age like concert promoter Bill Graham, Beat Generation poets Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary, the guru of psychedelia.

Visitors on Thursday, 18 September, can look forward to two signing sessions. Till Brönner, the internationally acclaimed trumpeter, singer and composer, will be at the Leica stand at 11 a.m. Numerous exhibitions of his works in the past years have provided ample recognition of his talents as a photographer. He is represented in the Leica Galerie by photographs of fellow musicians and friends and he will be presenting his latest book, entitled Faces of Talent.

Jürgen Schadeberg, the South African photographer with German roots, will be coming to the Leica stand at 2 p.m. For decades now, he has been capturing everyday life and radical change in the Republic of South Africa and the lives of farm workers and township dwellers in photos. In the Leica Galerie, he presents his own and very personal view of South Africa.

Friday, 19 September, brings further highlights, the first of which is a signing session with Georges Yammine, the violinist and photographer from Qatar at 11 a.m. He plays in Daniel Barenboim’s West- Eastern Divan Orchestra and captured musical snapshots and everyday scenes at rehearsals with the orchestra.

At 5 p.m. Thomas Wiegold will be talking about ‘Episodes from the life of Anja Niedringhaus’. The journalist is a specialist for international defence and security politics and has reported from many conflict zones with German military presence. In his talk, he will be revisiting events in the life of the multiple award-winning photographer Anja Niedringhaus, with whom he was personally acquainted. Anja Niedringhaus photographed numerous war and conflict zones around the globe before falling victim to an assassination attack in Afghanistan in April 2014. This is a further reason for Leica Camera AG to acknowledge her photographic legacy.

This will be followed at 1 p.m. on Saturday, 20 September with a talk and a subsequent signing session by Gerd Ludwig, winner of the Dr. Erich Salomon Award 2014, presented by the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Photographie e.V. (the German Photographic Society). The German-American photojournalist has made numerous journeys to the forbidden zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power station and brought back impressive photographic records of the region, the lives of the people who live there and the victims of the catastrophic nuclear accident. His collection, ‘The long shadow of Chernobyl’, already attracted critical acclaim around the world.

At 2 p.m. on Sunday, 21 September, York Hovest’s talk entitled ‘One hundred days in Tibet’ (National Geographic) rounds off the Leica event programme at the photokina 2014. Inspired by a personal meeting with the Dalai Lama and his moving words about the fate of his country, the fashion photographer promised to capture Tibet in pictures and sounds. He set out on his 100-day journey in 2012. His impressive images capture not only the breathtaking landscapes of Tibet, but also poignant portraits of Tibetan nomads and monks.

In addition, German photographic artist Hans Georg Esch will be presenting a unique panorama of the skyline of Shanghai from 16 to 21 September 2014 at Roncalliplatz in Cologne. The 360-degree photo, taken with a Leica S, will be on display in a mobile rotunda with an internal platform open to the public. From there, visitors can look forward to an exciting and fascinating visual experience: they can literally immerse themselves in the panorama and – thanks to the exceptional resolution – discover even the tiniest details of the impressive and vibrant megacity Shanghai. Co-partners of the project are Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar, and the Leica Galerie Salzburg.

The Leica Galerie in Hall 1 will be open daily during the photokina (16 to 21 September 2014) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is free. The photographers exhibiting works in the Leica Galerie are (in alphabetical order): Bryan Adams, Michael Agel, Till Brönner, René Burri, Alejandro Cegarra, Anton Corbijn, Jamie Cullum, Glen Craig, D-Nice, Lois Hechenblaikner, Thomas Hoepker, Martin Kollar, Gerd Ludwig, Jim Marshall, Mary McCartney, Anja Niedringhaus, Jürgen Schadeberg, Andy Summers, Chris Suspect, Tom Wright and George Yammine.

About Leica Camera

Leica Camera AG is an internationally operating, premium-segment manufacturer of cameras and sport optics products. The legendary status of the Leica brand is founded on a long tradition of excellence in the construction of lenses. Combined with innovative technologies, Leica products continue to guarantee better pictures in all situations in the worlds of visualisation and perception to this day. Leica Camera AG has its headquarters in Wetzlar, in the state of Hesse in Germany, and a second production site in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal. The company operates branch offices in England, France, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, Italy, Australia and the USA. New and innovative products have been the driving force behind the company’s positive development in recent years.

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Molly Eyre – Set Design and the Staged Image

Molly Eyre – Set Design and the Staged Image

UK based Photographer, Molly Eyre has just completed her final year studying photography at the University of Portsmouth, specialising in ‘Set Design and the Staged Image’.

Molly was one of the main organisers of this year’s London exhibition held at the Town Hall, Shoreditch, which was the culmination of 3 years dedicated work by 32 graduates from the University’s BA (Hons) Photography Course.

For this years ‘Collective’ exhibition, Molly presented a series of photographic prints mounted on aluminium titled ‘15 Wickfield Road’.

This remarkable selection explores the notions surrounding memory and fabrication focusing on her paternal heritage.

Molly constructs all her miniature interior based sets from memory within a studio environment, which allows her to control every aspect of design and execution in front of the lens removing the need for heavy post production.

Molly further explains that she approached this work trying to evoke a sense of loss without embarking on too personal a tribute to the memories embedded from her childhood.


You can see this work and more of Molly’s superb images at:



and her own website:


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Robert Pugh

Robert Pugh

Olympus Ambassador, Robert Pugh, is a UK based professional Wedding and Portrait photographer, who from a very young age gained a keen interest in photography after watching his father process old film in his dark room at the family home.

Robert’s career took a giant leap after he took up an offer to work for a local media group, photographing celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Denise Welsh and the 2011 X Factor series. It was at this time Robert decided to fulfill his ambitions by completing his photography diploma, leave his previous management job, and move full time into a profession he was so passionate about.

In 2012, Robert set up his own company, ‘RP Photography By Design’, and has never looked back. Robert’s work got noticed by Olympus UK, which led him very proudly to become one of their Ambassadors.

Along with Robert’s main area of photography, he also runs Olympus Camera workshops ranging from Urban and Boudoir to Street Walks.


You can see more examples of Robert’s outstanding work on his exhibtr profile at:



The Olympus ‘Open Space’ under their ‘Photographers’ section at:



And at Robert’s own website:


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Lime Tree Gallery

Lime Tree Gallery

At Exhibtr we are always keen to support the best of our local Art Galleries.

Lime Tree Gallery, based in Long Melford and Bristol specialises in contemporary Fine Art and Glass, and holds regular exhibitions throughout the year, each one accompanied by a fully illustrated web catalogue. They have a particular love of contemporary Scottish artists, and always have a varied selection of their art on show.

Ranging from the traditional to the modern, the figurative to the abstract, each exhibition is complemented by a selection of fine individual Glass pieces, mainly from Britain and Sweden.

Their on-line catalogue allows clients to buy directly from the website or request further information on a particular work or artist and visitors are always welcome in the galleries, but if that is not possible, every effort is made to allow customers see works at home.

‘Poppies on Parade’, is an exhibition from Sunday 3rd August, to remember the 100th Anniversary of the First World War. New works, which hope to provoke remembrance, yet bring happiness through their uplifting colour and painterly skill. Lime Tree Gallery is making donations for every painting sold to the Royal British Legion.

Artists include Judith Bridgland, Michael G Clark PAI, Molly Garnier, Steven Lindsay, Sylvia Paul, Philip Richardson, Alexander Robb and David Smith RSW.


Lime Tree House, Hall Street, Long Melford, Suffolk. CO10 9JF.

Telephone 01787 319046


84 Hotwell Rd, Bristol BS8 4UB.

Telephone 01179 292527


You can see more of the work on display at:



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Sam Thirgood

Sam Thirgood

London based Portrait and Fashion Photographer Sam Thirgood has just completed his final year studying photography at the University of Portsmouth.


For this years ‘Collective’ exhibition at Shoreditch Town Hall, London, Sam presented, a series of 6 photographic prints combining fashion and storytelling inspired by the work of Beatrix Potter. The work was a Shadowy and moody adaption of the tale combining radical notions of performativity and vogue. The fashion facet lives through the fabrication of his imagery.


Sam explains.

“Photography for me was discovered at the age 16, taking it up as a hobby and school subject. I began with photographing what I saw around me in my North London environment, using 35mm film and digital formats. With the advantage of London being a stone throw away I always travel there to gather influence and photograph my projects.

My passion is Portraiture and Fashion, using inspiration from past and present masters of the genre. I have some strong influences within my photography, such as Guy Bourdin, David Bailey and Edward Hopper. I gather my inspiration from what I experience and see around me. I enjoy extending my knowledge and creativeness through social media and online photographic hosting to help my work looking modern and encompass my own learning.”


You can see more of Sam’s work on his excellent website at:


and his Exhibtr profile at:


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Kat Springate

Kat Springate

Documentary Photographer, Kat Springate has just completed her final year studying photography at the University of Portsmouth.


For this years ‘Collective’ exhibition at Shoreditch Town Hall, London, Kat presented ‘Sophie Blue’, a series of 3 photographic prints featuring Sophie, a post-op transsexual, dominatrix prostitute and her 9-year-old son.


Kat explains;


“My passion is documentary photography, my work is mainly focused on exploring and capturing peoples lives and circumstances. In a bid to challenge social ‘norms’ I place focus on individuals deemed to be on the ‘fringes’ of society. I enjoy portraying challenging subjects such as prostitution, HIV and LGBT rights. By taking on these subjects and the people’s lives they affect I endeavor to gain and portray insight into wider socio- political issues.”


You can see more of Kat’s outstanding work at:



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Dainius Sciuka

Dainius Sciuka

Lithuanian born freelance photographer Dainius Sciuka has just completed his final year studying photography at the University of Portsmouth.


For this years ‘Collective’ exhibition in London, he presented ‘Taste The Street’, a series of 5 photographic prints and 222 page hardback publication.


The initial inspiration for this project came to him 3 years ago when he watched his first interview about Bill Cunningham arguably the original and finest master of the street style genre.


Dainius work vigilantly stirs away from the heavily saturated material of fashion week and the official fashion scene of the 5 different cities in the world where he pointed his camera. Fascinated by how the masses are experimenting with fashion and style he photographs individuals that capture his interest, trying to imprint their essence in the fleeting image.


Based in Kaunas and Portsmouth, you can see more of Dainius’s excellent work at http://sciuka.com


You can also check out Dainius’s work at:




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Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi

Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi

Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi was born in Romania and has just completed her final year studying photography at the University of Portsmouth. Already the recipient of numerous international awards, Alecsandra was runner up in last years ‘Olympus and Exhibtr UK Student Photography Competition’.


Alecsandra discovered photography after many years of being passionate about the Arts, Design Industry and Painting. She says ‘Photography has been a fantastic way to grow up faster and get to know myself. It took a long period to identify myself with portraiture and documentary photography and develop a calm attitude and keen eye, this helping to discover the invisible core of visible.


Alecsandra has produced two books ‘Ritual’ and ‘Success Without Borders’ along with several projects that can be seen on her website:




You can also see Alecsandra’s work on her Exhibtr profile at;



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University of Portsmouth – ‘Collective’

University of Portsmouth – ‘Collective’

‘Collective’ represents the association of students at the University of Portsmouth who have worked together to create and fund degree shows in London and Portsmouth in 2014.


This years London exhibition was held at the Town Hall, Shoreditch, and was the culmination of 3 years dedicated work by 32 graduates from the BA (Hons) Photography Course.


The students organised their own regular meetings, fund raising, sourcing of a venue for the outside show in a London based gallery, design and commissioning of a catalogue, website and advertising for their exhibition.


Over the coming month we will be featuring several photographers from the ‘Collective’ on the exhibtr blog, highlighting the considerable talent that went towards making this years show such a considerable success.


Collective – Chloe Barnes, Amber Bristow, Hannah Brown, Dannielle Cook, Alicia Diaz-benitez, Dovile Dundenait, Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi, Alysha Elkins-Green, Molly Eyre, Laura Fazackerly, Hollie Freeman, Rachel Gatt, Charlie Goddard, Tyran Hawthorn, James Hood, Courtney Husselmann, Fabio Ibrahim, Chloe Jones, Ellen Lazerus, Charlotte Marden, Thomas Needham, George Newing, Megan Pates, Harriette Potter, Coral Ridley, Dainius Sciuka, Katie Slocambe, Kat Springate, Raphaella Themistokleous, Sam Thirgood, Katie Tower and Jianyong Yuan.

Photo courtesy of Dainius Sciuka.

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