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Olympus Test and Wow

Olympus Test and Wow

Olympus announce an exciting, free new opportunity for photographers to test and wow their award winning cameras and lenses. They can chose from the OM-D or PEN series including the new OM-D E-M5 Mark II, in combination with one or more high-performance M.ZUIKO lenses.

The Olympus’ ‘Test & Wow’ program is free and lets photographers trial their interchangeable-lens system cameras* – for three days, in their own time, away from the retailer with no strings attached. It is the perfect way for photographers to use and handle the Olympus interchangeable-lens system and find the perfect fit for their photographic needs.

Reserving a test camera and lens is simple. Photographers can browse through the cameras and lenses available online at wow.olympus.eu/GB_en Then they simply register their preferred trial product(s), the date for the loan and their nearest Olympus retailer. Their Test and Wow package will be ready to collect when they arrive in the store. The test period lasts three working days, including the pick-up and return day, which guarantees at least one full day of testing before it’s time to return their camera on test. If it is more convenient, photographers can also arrange the test directly at the retailers.

How it works in 4 steps;

1. Choose a camera or lens on the Olympus Test & Wow website

2. Choose an Olympus dealer

3. Place your reservation: Choose a date and complete the online registration form.

4. Pick up the equipment at the retailers on the agreed date and enjoy a three-days free trial